Situated five miles northwest of Tudela, the small town of Valtierra sits in the verdant, ribbon-like bosque that runs between the Ebro River and the desert wastes of the Bardenas Reales.

The site has been inhabited since ancient times, as testified by the massive necropolis that rises up from the center of town. Atop this artificial hill sits a fortified watchtower, built by the Banu Qasi and inhabited since the days of Musa ibn Musa by the Aznari family, who produced a string of viziers and court sorcerers for the Banu Qasi for 200 years before that great dynasty’s fall from grace.

Nowadays the tower is uninhabited and is falling to ruin. The locals say that it is haunted by the ghost of the last descendent of the fallen Aznari family, a witch called Catalin who died over 100 years ago. The hilltop and crumbling tower is avoided by townsfolk, for few return that venture up there, particularly after dark…



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