The Lions of Rodrigo


From the Pyrenees to the Pillars of Atlas, the Lions of Rodrigo have carved themselves a name as one of the most violent and brutal groups of knights in the service of the Shadow Reconquista. Regardless of the task they face, the Lions enjoy their bloody work. They enjoy it a little too much according to some Cainites who feel their piety is weaker than their lust for blood and battle. In their work to restrict the marauding Muslims, the Lions have been in close proximity to a number of Cainites found diablerized in their havens. Still, the Lions claim to prey only on heretics and the enemies of the faith.

The local princes and other Cainites are well aware of the Lions’ reputation, and few are willing to house them in their domains. The anarchic way they operate does not help, as they claim they have no other leader but God. One cannot deny the piety of it, but it does make the Lions almost impossible to control when unleashed upon a foe. More than a few elders have expressed the view that if the Lions should meet the Final Death during the last battles of the Reconquista, it would be a useful way of disposing of a dangerous weapon that has outlived its usefulness.

The Lions are a dangerous combination of impetuous neonates and hardened ancilla, all convinced of the righteousness of their cause, and hungry for glory and domain in conquered lands. Many members first serve as ghoul soldiers. Only those who have proved their willingness to spill blood in the name of the Lord get to join the Lions.

The membership of the Lions shifts with every year, as the band loses members to Muslim enemies and gains them from the mortal warriors they Embrace or the ambitious Cainites they attract. Their most well established members include the Brujah ancilla Felipe, leader of the Lions and a true zealot, his childe Roy, and the Lasombra Tancred.

The Lions of Rodrigo

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